For Weeks family researchers there is often confusion over a number of 17th-century immigrant ancestors with the same Weeks surname. The information below may help you determine whether you are chasing the right ancestor. A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England Before 1692, the classic reference by James Savage, names eight first-settler heads-of-household with the Weeks surname that arrived in New England before 1700 (pgs. 452-454). (Note that the list derived below does not include children of these settlers … or individuals with the Weeks surname in colonies outside New England.)

  • Thomas Weeks (?-1656; was in Charlestown 1636 & Salem 1639; m.?; d. Salem, Mass.)
  • Francis Weeks (often spelled “Wickes”) (1626-1689; was in Providence, R.I. c. 1637; m. Elizabeth Luther; d. Oyster Bay, N.Y.)
  • George Weeks (often spelled “Weekes”) (c. 1600-1659; was in Dorchester, Mass. c. 1640; m. Jane Clap; d. Dorchester, Mass.)
  • Thomas Weeks (Weekes, Wicks) (1612-1671; was in Stamford, Conn. 1641 & Oyster Bay, N.Y. 1654; d. Oyster Bay, N.Y.)
  • William Weeks (1620-1689; was in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. c. 1653; m. Mary Lynde; d. Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.)
  • Leonard Weeks (1633-1707; was in Greenland, N.H. late 1640s; m. Mary Redman; d. Greenland, N.H.)
  • William Weeks (?-?; was in Falmouth, Mass. 1660s; m. Mercy Robinson; d.?)
  • Christopher Weeks (?-?; was in Boston 1690s; m. Mary; d.?)