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A historic house … with a colonial garden …

In 1975 the house and acreage was purchased by an organization of both descendants and preservation-minded individuals interested in the future of the distinctive structure. Early...

Welcome to the Weeks Brick House

The Weeks Brick House, built in 1710 by Samuel Weeks (1670-1746), is among the earliest brick houses in New England — and may be the oldest made of bricks fired on the site. The farmstead established in 1656 by Leonard Weeks (1633-1707) remained in the family for over 300 years. Today the 33-acre farmstead includes conservation land laced with hiking trails for public enjoyment. Saved from development in 1975, the house and grounds have been owned and managed since then by an all-volunteer non-profit organization of descendants and friends from near and far, Leonard Weeks and Descendants in America, Inc.

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Upcoming Events

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Generations of history nestled in beautiful Greenland New Hampshire.

Come visit our property!

Our grounds are open to the public.
PLEASE NOTE: Inside tours are not available at this time.

Weeks Ave. • Off Rte. 33. • Greenland, NH
(603) 436-8147